Chapter 11 Sonichu-Gaus Part 1

Flames shot up over the city skyline as a pall of smoke hung over Cwcville, Virginia The newly created Sonichu was literally fighting for his life against an adversary he never encountered before.  A horrified crowd of people were watching watching the battle between Sonichu and the Perfect Sonizilla. “He can’t take on anything like that,” said one. “That monster is going to kill him and Cwcville will be destroyed” said another.

Suddenly when all hope seemed lost, a meteorite containing DiLenthium 20 flew down from outer space and struck Sonichu and the Sonizilla. The perfect Sonizilla was no more.

The first thing Sonichu realized after the meteor struck was that he was floating like plasma in a sea of blackness in a dreamlike state. He could not see anything, he could not move, he could not feel anything. He was vaguely aware of feeling something tugging at his body and having part of it slowly drift away out of his reach. Then he had a falling sensation that you sometimes have in a dream as his body coalesced and was brought back to the horrid reality of a ravaged city. Sonichu slowly open one eye and got a small glimpse of his surroundings among his prostrate body with his sides heaving in and out amid the rubble.

A cloud of acrid smoke hung in the air over Cwcville. Beside him was a lifeless figure that perfumed the air with blood and feces as flies buzzed around. Its body was battered with bite marks covering it. A mangled limb had been torn from its socket. He wasn’t sure when but it seemed like a few minutes before, he heard a voice screaming at him, “You’re done Sonichu! And by the time I’m finished, you will be busted physically, financially and spiritually”.

As he slipped in and out of a dreamlike state, Sonichu was vaguely aware of being lifted by several people and being carried to safety. He recognized the voice that screamed at him while he had been lying on the pavement.  It was a long time adversary of Sonichu and was partnered with the Slaweel clan-headed by the matriarch (Slaweel the Witch).

“Thank God, he’s still alive. He can’t take on anything like that”

“What…..?” croaked Sonichu in a hoarse voice.

“You were bashed unconscious by the monster’s tail. We thought you disappeared after that explosion. But we saw you lying on the pavement and carried you away from there as soon as possible. There was nothing that could be done for your brother. I am truly sorry for your loss.”

Sonichu closed his eyes grieving silently.

Laying in bed from the from the safety of a makeshift safe house, he could only briefly glance out the window at the wrecked remains of Cwcville that was torn apart. There was nothing anyone could have done to stop it  and for now there was nothing anyone could do about it.

For a minute when he closed his eyes, he thought he saw the terrifying image of his adversary Demonchu. But was it Demonchu? Demonchu had the inclination but it didn’t really fit him. But there was someone else who fit that role perfectly.

Later on that evening, as things had quieted down people started coming out to view the wreckage. Some of the residents were huddled together talking softly among themselves. “What the heck was that thing?” someone asked? “It looked like some kind of dinosaur.” someone else answered.