Chapter 12 Sonichu-Gaus Part 2

The other body drifted in a state resembling suspended animation. This Sonichu clone was in something akin to an embryo in a fluid-filled  womb. The “Old Sonichu”  beforehand slowly drifted away into a distant hazy memory of the past. Sonichu’s physical body was being broken down like a caterpillar in a cocoon, but later it would be reassembled again.

Sonichu-Gaus as the clone would be known was in a fluid state.  His limbs were phantom limbs but would soon acquire a physical existence. His eyes were sightless and he could not let speak, but he would soon gain these functions.  For now Sonichu-Gaus communicated with the powers above via his thoughts. Speech for the time being was not necessary.