Chapter 3: The Planet Gaus Part 1

The Planet Gaus occupies a unique status in the Milky Way Galaxy as well as being at the center of the world of the Lost Mutant Clones. It is approximately the same size as Earth with similar temperatures and atmospheres and the planet that Sonichu-Gaus and Rosella the Lavender Wave call home. These similarities with earth give it a unique setting for the planet’s biosphere. With a hospitable atmosphere, someone could fly to Gaus and breathe just as comfortably on Gaus as he/she could on Earth. Gaus is a part of a system of bizarre planets that also include Sarcasia Blue and the Planet Chloro58.

Known as the misfit planet, Gaus is populated by various misfits and mutants who chose to immigrate or who were cast off here. It’s a crazy planet but it’s their planet and it’s the place they call home in both the populated and uninhabited areas.

Among the various creatures who lived here were banished descendants of Pokemon characters, mutant clones of MLP who had been thrown out of Ponyland, Yettichus, and even rumors of a transgendered Santa Claus that lived….somewhere.

Sonichu-Gaus and Rosella the Lavender Wave are the most famous of the mutant clones but there are many others such as JeeJee the Romulan, Yippo Blippo with the bird wings, the relationship between Frankenchu and Mammia and the world of the Mutant Ponies and in the Pony Corridor. The mutants ran the gauntlet from the saintly to evil personified.

Among the several landmasses, there are two large landmasses which stand out in particular. Named the Jurassic and Aibara continents respectively, these two landmasses are separated by the Eastern Sea which is one of the largest bodies of water on the planet. Various countries with their cities, their people, and their capitals are located on both the Jurassic and Ibara Continents. Land masses stretch from the tropics up to the frozen north in the arctic region with various keys to another mystery or connection.