Chapter 1A – The Swill Filled Universe

Full of dust, full of ice, full of rocks, full of gas. At first glance, it was basically an ugly chaotic swill-filled universe. The exploding dragons  But as gravity set in  little currents and patterns began to emerge as the debris began to separate itself out like small sub-currents in a lazily flowing river. Buoyed by space, rocks and ice occasionally banged into one another, sometimes shattering, sometimes sticking together.

It is in the little space rivers and eddies of the floating debris that order began to arise out of chaos. There was no good, no evil and at this time, no purposeful intent except the laws of nature. At least for the time being, these activities were ordered by themselves. However the universe was far from static. It was being powered mindlessly by energy from heat, gravity, and the laws of attraction and repulsion. But beneath the surface of this, there was a purpose whose time would yet arrive. The dust, rocks, ice and gases were the building blocks of the the planets, the stars, the moons and all of the other celestial bodies.

As time passed, a few notable streams began to emerge. the main one flowed like a great moving space river around some larger clumps that had began bearing some resemblance to planets. This main space river itself was also part of a larger heavenly mass that had a much larger orbit around its life-giving star while simultaneously maintaining its smaller orbit around these larger space clumps. As these larger space clumps orbited around the life-giving star, some of the heat would be transferred to these clumps and start processes of their own such as water and water vapor starting to make its presence known for the first time. Gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and others would also start to accumulate on the surfaces of some of these clumps.