Chapter 2 – Heaven Rebellion

Heaven-Rebellion: As time went by and the process of evolution was underway for both the living and the non-living, cycles and rhythms were gradually increasing in complexity. It was only a matter of time before intelligent life would make its appearance on Gaus. It was at this time that God created the angels and helpers. As befitting of the supreme being in the universe, it was only right that he would want his creations to love and honor him despite their unique little quirks that made them what they are. It gave him joy to see his little creations grow and develop as the universe grew and evolved.

Lucifer who was the highest of angels in heaven had been dissatisfied for a long time. He thought he could do a better job than God. Surely he thought he should be at least equal or co-ruler with him. Despite the fact that at least 1/3 of the angels went along with Lucifer’s ill-fated heaven-rebellion, it was doomed to failure from the start. Lucifer’s perspective was blinded by a puffed up heart full of pride that gave him a sense of unwarranted self-importance. The remaining angels that had been goaded into this foolish heaven-rebellion saw that it was a lost cause and surrendered in the face of the larger army that chose to stay loyal. And now with the rebellion over, the last remaining rebels were rounded up. All of them that had joined Lucifer now huddled together in fear. Standing together before the judgment throne of God, they stood silently while the Almighty decided their fate.  the “Lucifer not only have you been found guilty of inciting rebellion against me you encouraged other angels to join in as well, 1/3 to be exact.”

“I cast you out of heaven. In addition, those who joined you will also be cast out.” commanded the Almighty.  “Screw you! After all I’ve done for you. You ungrateful little snert.” screamed Lucifer his face purple with rage. An idea came to him just before he was cast out. In a flash, he reached up with his arm and grabbed some of the space matter seconds before he was kicked out. “Here’s my booty of war” he exclaimed with a sneer on his face. It was his final act of spite. He tried reaching up with the other but a furious Gabriel rushed him and knocked his arm out of the way. “Get Out”, he yelled. There was a whooshing sound as Lucifer suddenly fell downward out of sight. Then the other third that had also joined him were also cast out of heaven and dropped out of sight. The heaven-rebellion was over

Lucifer changed his trajectory and found himself crashing onto the Planet Gaus. Lucifer’s name was now Satan. Planet Gaus at this time was still young and developing. It was not yet known as the planet of misfit clones. There were no countries, no cities, no clones, no people. However, there were geologic features on a developing planet which didn’t go unnoticed. Satan got up and started to transverse this new planet.