Prehistoric Gaus – Chapter 1 The Battling Dragons

In the beginning, the misfit solar system did not exist. Then out of the center, there was a bright light and an explosion. Out of the explosion came two dragons of energy representing two primordial elements fire and ice (the ice on top and the fire below). As the two dragons snarled and snapped at each other, there were pulsating layers of energy and color wrapped around each other like overlapping blankets protecting a white hot center. Beating like a giant heart, this cocoon like structure at the center appeared to give sustenance to the two dragons (one on top and the other below).

Finally the two dragons grabbed each other by the neck and started spinning around. As they continued spinning, the energy blankets gradually expanded until they totally enveloped the spinning dragons. As the enveloped dragons kept spinning, they appeared to liquefy and spin into a blur losing their distinct form. The entire mass took on the appearance of some kind of a swollen cosmic balloon that was at the point of bursting spilling its contents. The skin of this balloon was stretched tight and appeared to be straining at holding in the contents.

Suddenly, the entire cosmic balloon burst as the white hot center appeared to expand in one giant pop spilling its contents into the dark icy universe. The scattered contents which was composed mainly of scattered dust, rock, gases, plasma, and ice slowly drifted outward. However, some of the contents began slowly clumping together. It was a slow moving show that would last for billions of years.

For the time being and  it was only the universe and the laws of physics. The only company was the lifeless stars that were already there.  It was well before the beginning of life, moral decisions and the existence of good and evil.  Even the battling dragons were destined to destruction and oblivion after they had fulfilled the purpose in what they were created for.